Law Offices Of Cleveland Meeting Rooms

Our members have access to three luxurious conference rooms as well as one dedicated "Zoom room." Unlike any other space, Law Offices Of Cleveland members are able to reserve these rooms free of charge for as long as needed. We do not bill for meeting room hours, all we ask is that you please be courteous and respect your fellow members needs.

Main Conference Room

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Our main conference room is the one you’ll want to reserve for your most-important hearings. This room is complete with upholstered chairs, large windows, and a front desk area.

Lake East Conference Room

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Our Lake East conference room is the perfect conference room for meeting with medium-to-large size groups. This room has 10 premium office chairs and a large window.

Lake West Conference Room

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Our Lake West conference room is great for medium-to-large size groups. This room can support up to 10 people, and is complete with premium chairs and details.

Zoom Room

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Our Zoom room is a small office that anybody can use to take a Zoom call outside of their own office, or a place to meet with 1-2 guests that isn’t inside of your own office.

How To Book Conference Rooms at Law Offices Of Cleveland

Members are able to reserve conference rooms free of charge by contacting our receptionist or filling out our room reservation form. All three membership levels have access to our conference rooms, with varying additional benefits. To become a member, click the button below and submit our membership inquiry form. Someone from our concierge support team will contact you shortly after to discuss membership options.