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Law Offices of Cleveland is the coworking space of choice for small law firms

While looking for a small office for his law firm, Thomas Ryan realized that there weren’t any good options for small firms in Cleveland. Lawyers had to choose between casual coworking spaces like WeWork or bland commercial offices with rigid leases. Ryan thought there must be a better solution, so he formed Law Offices Of Cleveland: the first shared office space exclusively for lawyers, which combined the amenities and flexibility of WeWork with the professional appeal of a law office.

Created For Attorneys By Attorneys

From the upholstery of the chairs in the conference room to the professional atmosphere as you enter the space, Law Offices Of Cleveland (LOC) is like no other flexible workspace. LOC is a professional coworking space for lawyers only. In addition to premium finishes and a curated atmosphere, LOC provides legal firms with a handful of distinct benefits. Unlike other flex offices, our meeting rooms are free to book for all members as needed.

One of our staff will then personally make sure that you are able to connect with all of our technology, so you can attend Zoom hearings, get on our teleconferencing software, etc. Finally, LOC is its own ISP, internet service provider, which means the Wi-Fi is more secure and will never be throttled because of other business’ overuse. Scroll below to see all of the tailored benefits of our shared office. Our amenities are available to all members, regardless of membership level!

Why Choose Law Offices of Cleveland

Our coworking space offers attorneys a myriad of specialized amenities

Like Working at an Attorney's Office

From the finishes to the attorney-only membership, you'll feel like you're working out of a big law office, and your colleagues won't think you're based inside of a WeWork.

Unlimited Conference Room Hours

All of our members are allowed to book the conference room as needed at no cost whatsoever. All we ask is that you respect the other members when reserving times, and only book what you need.

Close Proximity to the Court and DA

Our shared law offices are easily accessible via public transportation, and are also only walking distance to the District Courthouse and District Attorney.

Full List of Amenities

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Here's what our members are saying

Michael Wooten
Chief Legal Officer
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I have been a client of Law Offices Of Cleveland since they first opened. Previously I worked on my own and had a small office space, but I decided to move into LOC when I heard about them online. I have been very happy with the service provided by the staff and the office.
Jane Briggins
Case Manager
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I have been looking for a place to work that is both professional and collaborative. I was a little hesitant to try out WeWork because I was worried that it would be too casual. I have been pleasantly surprised at how comfortable the space is and how many types of attorneys come to the office on a regular basis. The space is clean, well-lit, and has a beautiful reception area.
Lawrence Moore
Legal Services Director
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We are a small firm that works very closely with our clients. The shared space works well for both groups. The Wi-Fi is always fast and it is a great place to meet have clients visit - very impressive.
Barbara McGinley
Legal Assistant
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I have had a great experience at Cleveland Law Offices. Our new office is less than a mile from the courthouse and is close to many other businesses in Cleveland. So I can get to see my clients anywhere in the area. I am very happy with the new space
Director of Legal Affairs
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I knew I needed to be in a space that felt professional, but I wasn't sure where to go. I stumbled upon the Law Offices of Cleveland and it looked reasonable. The space is very clean and the conference rooms are spectacular.
Tommy H.
Compliance Counsel
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I love working at the law offices of Cleveland. It's a great place to be with other attorneys. We are all in the same boat and we all love sharing each others' successes and failures.

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